Throughout the menstrual cycle, some women can notice changes in their training, performance, and recovery. These changes can be attributed to the fluctuations in the female hormones - oestrogen and progesterone. Usually, the menstrual cycle and its hormones are seen to have a negative impact on training, but by taking the time to understand your menstrual cycle, tracking your cycle, and adjusting your training can have overall positive benefits. What happens throughout the Menstrual Cycle? The menstrual cycle usually lasts between 21- 35 days and is split into three phases: Menstrual (bleeding) PhaseLate

Strength and conditioning has been a huge part of the elite game for a generation. It has a whole range of physical, mental and social benefits, alongside increasing athletic performance. Tennis is a highly technical sport that also requires many physical qualities such as: FlexibilityStrength/PowerAgilitySpeedEndurance The Importance of Strength and Conditioning Strength and conditioning aims to improve on-court performance while minimising the risk of injury to an athlete. Alongside developing technical ability, players who engage in strength and conditioning will see performance improvements by developing the key physical qualities listed above. For example,

Somatics is the missing link in movement education and healthcare.  The technique used to restore voluntary sensory and motor control of muscles is pandiculation rather than stretching.  It is a gentle practice which releases blocks and tension in the muscles caused by trauma, injuries or repetitive postural habits. It teaches you to get out of pain or restrictive movement. History Thomas Hannah defined Somatics as the study of dealing with the body experience from within (the soma). The emphasis is on a series of very gentle, easy self-care exercises.  That will improve balance,

The hardest part is accepting that you need to do something about your own wellbeing, including both your physical and mental health for the benefit of you and your family. This is me, on Fathers Day 2019. Having had the privilege of meeting James Forrester, the founder of The Huddle earlier in the year, he mentioned The Huddle in Cheltenham and that it hadn’t long been open. Then over Christmas 2019 I decided that enough was enough. Being an overweight 47 year old in a stressful job, I wanted to improve

Sophie – Huddle Fitness Coach and Female Personal Trainer in Cheltenham: I have been training people in the gym for 12 years and starting to see strength training and the benefits it has for women slowly becoming more accepted and women being less scared to give it a go. There was always such a fear that a woman would become ‘bulky’ or ‘masculine’ when they strength trained but this just isn't the case. Weight training has been a huge part of my life and I love it and miss it when