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Youth Academy

Building Wellness

We believe that building wellness starts from the very beginning of life. The Huddle’s Youth Academy is programmed by ex-professional sportspeople and highly qualified strength and conditioning professionals for kids who aspire to be athletes and for those who want to prioritise their health and fitness.

Having fun is always the top priority. Our sessions teach kids correct movement patterns, how to reduce risk of injury and by improving their speed, power and strength we are confident of building the strongest foundations and healthy habits for their future pursuits.

Benefits of the youth academy

Want to find out more about the benefit of our youth academy? This article covers topics such as the benefits of strength and conditioning; Is it too early for young athletes to do strength training?; How do we Reduce Risk of Injury?; Mental benefits and much more. We also provide some example exercises we often use. Click the link below.

  • FREE
    First class
  • Free trial class
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  • £ 10
    per class
  • 1 Drop in class
  • £ 39
    per pack
  • Pack of 5 sessions
  • TBC
    Tailored plan
  • Personal Training
  • A personalised youth athlete plan

* 10% off for Tigers members – please email to claim the discount off the prices

*Please note all Youth Academy packages also come with a years Cheltenham Tigers Social Membership.

Academy Schedule

Take a look at our youth academy schedule below.

Meet Academy S
& C Coach Hannah

Meet Personal Trainer
and Academy S & C Coach Harry

Meet Academy S
& C Coach Andrew